3.3. Thematic Applications

3.3.1. Overview

A Thematic App is a specific version of the geobrowser, in which specific parameters are pre-defined, in order to serve a specific thematic. It is defined by a list of services offerings, such as:

  • web widget,
  • map layer,
  • map background,
  • data series,
  • wps services

Requirement coverage


This section describes how a user can create its own thematic application.

Requirement coverage


This section describes the data flow of thematic apps.

3.3.2. Discovery

A discovery page, dedicated to the search of existing/accessible Thematic apps can be accessed from the home page.


Thematic apps can be searched using filters defined by the user, such as:

  • Free text: search within title and description of the thematic app

The search is performed amongst thematic apps which are accessible to the current user.

The existing thematic applications are described here.