1.3. A Community Portal

The Hydrology Exploitation Platform is a community portal helping you to access and exploit hydrology related data. It is meant to be used by the following kind of users:

  • end user
  • expert user
  • content authority
  • ICT provider
  • data provider
  • administrator

The portal homepage is a social place that gather in the same place most of the recent community inputs:

  • up-to-date social feeds (twitter, rss, tumblr posts, ...),
  • featured stories related to hydrology,
  • last shared achievements.

It keeps you up to date with last news or products from the hydrology community in a really simple way and gives you the ability to easily share and collaborate with the community the work you’ve done. Using the platform will make you contribute actively to the community and access last achievements produced by others.

The homepage is also a quick access to your workspace and dynamically change according to the type of user to make the user experience even more easy.

1.3.1. Services data sets

Hydrology TEP core users define all external data sets needed by their own services (see H-TEP System & ServicesTechnical Note issue 1.4, chapter 5.1.3). These data sets include DEM, land cover, soil moisture, precipitation and evapotranspiration data. These data sets will be made available through the H-TEP web portal if there are no restrictions for their public dissemination. Other external data sets might be available through dedicated user request after H-TEP Consortium analysis.