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The catalogue editor area is a workspace dedicated to the user in which he will be able to access all his files (results of processings, uploaded files, ...), manage them and specially ingest them in one of its catalogues or ask to publish the result as a contribution to the community results (this would need to be validated by an administrator).


Requirement coverage


This section describes the catalogue as a service functionality.

Requirement coverage


This section shows that TEP platform implement a catalogue editor.

My Thematic Apps

From the thematic app page, the user (specific users only) has also the ability to create its own Thematic App, clicking on + Create new on the top right of the applications list.

The user can:

  • load an existing thematic app, providing his url (in atom format)
  • create a new thematic app from scratch

Finally the user can save this thematic application in his private catalogue index.

If there is already an entry with the same identifier in the index, the entry will be overwritten with the new one.

The following information define a Thematic Application:


Identifier of the Thematic application.


Title of the Thematic application. Shown in the Thematic application discovery page.


Description of the Thematic application.


Url pointing to the icon of the Thematic application.


List of authors of the application. For each author, it is possible to provide:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Icon url
  • Url link


It is possible to define some keywords associated to the Thematic application, as well as the application type (“products”, “services”, ...) or application status (“prototype”, “under development”, ...).


search result tab

Enable the Search result tab in the application. It is where the items results are listed.

feature basket tab

Enable the Feature basket tab in the application. Used to allow user to create his own data packages.

data package tab

Enable the data package tab. Used to allow user to load existing data packages.

wps services tab

Enable the wps services tab. Used to list available wps services and process wps jobs. It is possible to define the domain or tags to which wps services should be associated to appear.

chronogram time bar

Enable the chronogram on the time bar, which describe where one can find most data on the searched time period.

data upload widget

Enable the widget allowing a user to upload data in Terradue store.

Base Maps

List the base maps available in the application.


WMS layers available in the application. For which layer, it is possible to set:

  • type (for now only wms available)
  • name
  • title
  • url
  • attribution
  • default (true/false)

Data contexts

List of data contexts available in the application. For each context, the user must set:


Start / End dates associated to the application


Spatial area in WKT format associated to the application.


Requirement coverage


This section describes how a user can create its own thematic application.